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Spring Time News

Looks like spring is here to stay so what should we know in order to get our lawns in shape?

Let’s start with mowing, the one tip I can offer is unless you really like to get exercise from mowing the lawn or you just love riding around on the rider, hold off mowing as long as you can. The reason being that once you’ve cut the lawn it’s going to need cutting once or twice a week until winter! Mowing stimulates growth and even without fertilizing the stimulation of cutting the turf along with warm temps and plenty of rainfall will make your lawn grow as fast as the weeds! 

Speaking of weeds, it’s not hard to control most broadleaf weeds but the spring time throws a bit of a curve to the process. I saw a lot of weeds popping in February but weed controls don’t work too well in cold weather so control is difficult. Once the weather starts to warm up which allows for better control we still have weeds that have not germinated yet and since weed controls are contact you can get control of weeds that were in the lawn at the time of application only to have new ones germinate a week later. With a little patience this situation will turn itself around with the second application you have and hopefully the weed control applied in the fall will help curb infestations for the following spring. 

Lastly, let’s talk crabgrass prevention. Our crabgrass pre-emergent does an excellent job controlling crabgrass even when applied at the end of May or early June as it controls small crabgrass plants that germinate as well as putting a barrier in place for future crabgrass seeds that want to germinate later in the season. What causes crabgrass pre-emergents to break down and allow for crabgrass seeds to germinate? Thin turf for one, as the heat from the sun bakes the soil which breaks down the pre-emergent. A thick turf helps shade the soil from heating up and let’s the pre-emergent do it’s job. Mowing the lawn short just one time can allow the suns heat to get through to the soil and break down the barrier. Lawns should be cut at 2-1/2″ – 3-1/2″ to help keep soil temps under control, the taller the lawn height, the more shade the turf will provide to the soil. One other reason a pre-emergent wont hold up is if the barrier is broken by disturbing the soil (de-thatching the lawn, heavy raking, or removal of tree\’s or shrubs in the lawn). Crabgrass pre-emergents offer 85% control of all crabgrass seeds in the soil which says a lot when one crabgrass plant can produce up to 250,000 seeds!

Lets enjoy a great spring and please feel free to call me if you have any questions about your lawn or landscape!

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