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Frequently Asked Questions

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What type of products do you use?

All of our fertilizer is of the granular form. This means that you do not have to worry about treating the lawn in warmer temperatures or having to water the treatment in. Our weed control is liquid, which offers us better control, while allowing us the flexibility of only treating problem areas as needed.

I have moles. Do I need a preventative grub treatment?

Not necessarily. Just because we have mole activity in the lawn, does not reflect a problem with grubs. Grubs are only one of many food sources the moles are looking for. They eat any insect that may be in the soil, including earthworms, ants, grubs, earwigs, etc. Unfortunately, there is no product available that we recommend applying to the lawn to repel moles, as there is no product that will remove ALL of the available food for moles in the soil. Although aggravating as it may be, trapping is still the most proven & effective way to combat a mole problem.

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